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10 Best Mobile Ad Networks in Afghanistan

Google AdMob was acquired by Google a couple of years ago and ever since is the predominant leader of the online advertising. We might claim that this is the best advertising platform for beginners. Its main advantage is a simple app integration, and, in addition, you can easily deal with the selection of tools and features by yourself!

Traffic Arbitrage Techniques, Strategy, Tips and Tricks 2019

Traffic arbitrage is a business model in which you buy traffic at a lower cost and redistribute it to monetize it.The net difference in revenue is the overall profit generated from the arbitrage strategy. and other search engines have been using this model to monetize its paid search results for over a decade. There are many success stories on traffic arbitrage where publishers have made more than $100k in profits. In this article today, we are going to discuss in detail as to how you can implement a successful…

Youtube & Video CPM Rates in UK 2019

CPM Rates in UK 2019 The advertising ecosystem in UK has seen immense growth and with the large number of advertisers fighting for UK’s traffic, the CPM rates have grown by leaps and bounds. There are a number of factors that result in good CPM rates for Videos and these includes- the audience targeting, inventory, niche and such. The audience engagement levels in UK are quite high and that automatically guarantees a good revenue. The CPM rates offered for Video ads in UK could range from $3 and could go as high as $8 and…

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