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Not all mobile ad networks would equally perform well across all ad formats- native, banner, interstitial, video, and rewarded video. This is primarily because of the demand vs supply difference and the inability of the networks to fill globally at good rates. Thus, we suggest to monitor the performance of these networks across the ad formats and geography for maximized revenue opportunities. The networks which have promised good revenue across banners and native banner formats over a wide range of app developers globally are listed below.


Smaato is a mediation platform for mobile developers and those who are looking to monetize their mobile web traffic. Smaato runs its own ad exchange along with integrations with some of the top demand platforms. They are particularly strong across South Asia and is growing in the US and European market. If you’ve good traffic coming from South Asian countries, you might consider adding Smaato to your ad stack. They have competitive rates and can go as high as a dollar for tier one and tier two traffic. The insights shared here will give you a more comprehensive perspective of Smaato’s CPM rates across various traffic tiers.


Appodeal is one of the fastest growing mediation platform that is created to help app developers with better monetization opportunities. It is integrated with a number of exchanges and has algorithms that can pick up with highest bid prices for you so that you can make more money out of every impression. Also, their mediation platform handles the refresh rates and optimize the ad formats based on conversions. This has made Appodeal as one of the preferred choice of mediation platform. However, Appodeal primarily works with app developers who have good percentage of tier one traffic and have more than 10k app downloads. You can take a look at this article to have a better idea of the CPM rates offered by Appodeal.


Inmobi is one of the oldest mobile ad network that has a good presence across south asia. The network do provide some good rates across specific geos and thus we recommend testing them out by filtering specific geography. You can get in touch with your account manager

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