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How to get free uc in pubg mobile Best Trick to get free uc in Pubg mobile 2020

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Method 1 HOW to Get UC in PUBG Mobile

Free Google Play Credits

Do you know Google Opinion Rewards?

Designed by Google, this app provides user surveys that they should complete for money. It has been around since 2017 and is a great source of income, albeit below the minimum wage. But it is appropriate for the purposes that we have in mind now – buy UC.

It’s simple: download the app and register. Once signed in, complete surveys and tasks to earn enough money, and drag them by choosing Google Play as your payment method. You can then buy UC directly or take the option to upgrade your account, then follow method



Upgrade your Account and Get Free UC for PUBG mobile

If you play without cash on the game, you will never be able to get UC in PUBG for free, even if you win every battle. However, if you purchase Elite Pass or Royal Pass, your account will be at a different level. Each time you complete seasonal tasks (something you can only do by swiping), you’ll earn different types of prizes and rewards. One of them, of course, UC. If you’re looking for how to get a free UC in PUBG Mobile and your Android or iOS smartphone has no roots or modifications, this might be the best way for you. Try to get a permit as a gift from a friend and enjoy UCLA!



Claim 150 UC for Free

Do you know that PUBG MOBILE is giving free 150 UC to south Korea players? Yes, I’ve tried this method and I got 150 UC for free. I know it’s not enough to buy Royale Pass buy still nothing is better than something at least with little effort.

  1. Download any VPN which have South Korea Country, I recommend VPN SecureLine by Avast
  2. Open it and select a country to be South Korea
  3. Now, Open the PUBG MOBILE and click on INBOX Messages and on top right corner Apology to all
  4. Click on Collect and get 150 UC
  5. NOTE: This may not work on some devices because an offer can expire also but hey there are other methods also.

Earn Money through Google Opinion Rewards

Okay, as it is the fact that you need to have money to buy UC, and you don’t want to spend a single penny from your pocket. Do you know that Google itself has an app that gives you money just for your opinions, yes, it’s of google so no chances for fraud?

Just download Google Opinion Rewards and complete some surveys then you’ll get some money. After sometime when you’ll have enough amount of money then you can withdraw it and use it in PUBG MOBILE to buy UC.

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