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How much is YouTube CPM Rates in India 2020

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YouTube CPM Rates in India for Entertainment Niche

The CPM rates for entertainment niche is around $1-$3 for Indian traffic. It may be higher for premium audience type, but the standard rates apply. The ad fill rates or the percentage of your traffic where ads will be displayed would actually determine your overall revenue. So, if your fill rate is 50%, you will be monetizing almost half of your YouTube video views and can expect decent revenue each month from it.

YouTube CPM Rates in India for Tech Niche

The technology niche has the highest CPM rates. Even for Indian traffic, you can expect CPMs to be as high as $5 and above for technology niche. Also, the fill rates for technology niche and finance niche tends to be higher than entertainment and education niche mainly because of the lowered inventory supply. If you’re mostly into gadget reviews, you can earn good revenue by recommending links and end cards towards the end of each video where you prompt your viewers to take action. These are additional income and can be much more than what you’re actually earning from YouTube alone. A lot of tech bloggers solely depend on affiliate revenue.

YouTube Ad Rates in India

YouTube shows different type of ads on your video. There are pre-roll video advertisements. Additionally, there are overlay ads, and sidebar ads on your video page (companion ads). Also, there are break ads which appear at natural break points if the video is of a longer durations. The rates for pre-roll video ads are highest and publishers get paid if the ad is viewed for at least 15 seconds by the visitor irrespective of the length of the ad. This is how the viewability metric is determined on YouTube. Followed by the pre-roll, break ads are the ones which have higher CPM and finally you have the overlay ads and companion ads that can also generate your additional revenue. The YouTube ad rates for pre-roll is around USD 5-7 for Indian traffic. It can be higher if programmatically targeted. Those which are overlay and companion ads tend to have close to USD 1 in CPM.

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