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Best indian Ad Network for publishers 2020

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Collectcent specializes in mobile advertising with IAB tech lab’s verification. It claims compatibility with all mobile screens, serving and monetizing millions of impressions per day.

The company offers banner, video, native ads to publishers across mobile and desktop environment on CPM and performance based models. The inventory supplying publishers are integrated via RTB, header bidding, API and SDK technologies.

Along with the great data-driven services, Collectcent also offers expert team of experienced professionals perfectly understands publishers’ requirements.


ADAttract started as a CPA affiliate network. Later on, it evolved as ad network. Since then it is working to maximize publishers revenue.

ADAttract has designed it product for hassle-free integration and performance. It serves automated optimization algorithm to assure maximized eCPM. Also, it offers innovative ad formats like full-screen, vertical or in-feed video and native ads with rich fill rates.

The company lets you directly access the global demand of exclusive advertisers with its private marketplace. With features like tailored reporting and global support fulfills further requirements of publishers.


Founded in 2005, Affle is a global technology company based in Gurugram, India. The company  offers header bidding with server-side auction to reduce latency issue with the traditional method. With that, publishers also get a unified demand manager to evaluate bids from multiple exchanges, DSPs, networks, and direct demand in real-time.

It’s features include:

  • Ad inventory optimization: With the help of first-party data, Affle works on increasing CPMs for both direct and programmatic inventory.
  • Segmentation: Advertisers adore segmented audience. Hence, Affle segments the audience based on location, OS, device, carrier, IAB category, age, interests, language, gender, and more.
  • Real-time tracking: Publishers can check the performance of the inventory anytime with real-time data.
  • Dynamic marketplace: The company looks for dynamic deals for each impression and package it to capture highest bid.

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