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Free Netflix Account and Password 2020

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Is it illegal to share a Netflix account?

The US Court of Appeals ruled that password-sharing is now a federal crime under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. However, that was a totally different case than sharing password on an entertainment site like Netflix. Besides, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings mentioned that he loves people sharing Netflix and it is a positive thing.

Instead of prosecuting users, Netflix put restrictions on the number of concurrent streams. The Basic account allows only one stream at a time while the Standard account offers two. My premium account offers 4 simultaneous streams, so I could share it with more users. As long as I don’t sell the account, I can use it for whatever purpose, including sharing it with my friends and family. Netflix allows us to create up to 5 profiles for an account at the moment. Therefore, sharing a working Netflix account is perfectly fine.


Why Users Want Free Netflix Accounts 2020

Before starting the discussion on different methods to get free accounts, it’s important to understand why people need them. Let’s begin with the trial period. The main purpose of the trial period is to attract more users. This is Netflix’s strategy of marketing. People usually hesitate to pay for something they have never experienced. Through the trial period they can get the experience and then pay afterward. Remember that the trial period doesn’t come with any downloading feature. You would have to pay to get this feature. Besides this, some contents are not available during the trial period. Netflix reserved them for the premium package. This is one reason people need free accounts because the trial period has a lot of limitations. Besides this, most people enjoy watching Netflix but they are always reluctant to spend money. They always search for something through which they don’t have to worry about paying.

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