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best Reasons why is better than other Ad Networks 2020


Native Ad Designs for an Uninterrupted Experience

While I do believe that ads are a great way to generate revenue, I see them as a burden if they take away from my user experience. Native ad units are one of the prime reasons I recommend Their ad units are designed to match the look and feel of your website to ensure your users enjoy an uninterrupted experience. Their teams work on testing out the best designs and layouts of ads for you so that you are set up for more engagement. More so, their ads are mobile responsive, which means more revenue-generating opportunities for you.

Customize and Optimize your Way to Enhanced Revenue

In my opinion, what your ads say and how your ads look is the difference between a view and a click. If your ads match your website’s layout and design and are not intrusive, there’s a higher chance users will interact with them. With, you can choose from a plethora of ad types – desktop interstitial ads, in-content ads, mobile docked ads and below the article ads – and customize them for size and color to match your needs. You can also seek help from their optimization experts on the best combinations that are likely to work with your kind of audience and content. Their advice can make a huge difference to your earnings since they definitely have years of experience of working with folks like you and me.

Compatible with other Ad Networks

The final factor that makes me assured of taking back good revenue from my content is that increases your revenue without disrupting my current ad setup. This means you can deploy ads alongside ads by any ad network, say AdSense for example, without worrying about any clashes. You could start using along with AdSense and have them both contributing towards your bottom line – both of them have their own strengths and you should be using them to your advantage.

I find to a great monetization partner that offers significant revenue-generating opportunities along with prompt and effective account support. Should you decide to sign up with them, you can also do so here to get an additional 10% for 3 months.

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