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top Ahrefs Alternatives to Build Your Own SEO Toolset


1.Mangools SERPWatcher


SERPWatcher is one of the five tools in the Mangools SEO set. This is a great-value tool—you can get the entire Mangools set, including SERPWatcher, on a basic plan for $29.90 per month.

SERPWatcher is a very strong keyword tracking tool that monitors your ranking changes for any keywords you’ve added.

It has everything you need on one screen. As well as your list of tracked keywords, it also displays metrics for your site like unique organic traffic, number of estimated visits, ranking distribution and dominant index.

SERPWatcher makes it easy to track and analyze your ranking results from within its interface.


One of the oldest SEO toolbars in the business, SEOquake started as a simple backlink lookup tool—but it’s grown to offer so much more.

Download the free Chrome extension to get a data-rich analysis of any website that you visit, in real time.

As well as the site’s internal and external links, you can also find out its Alexa ranking, Google and Bing index status, and SEMrush Rank.

You can check the keyword density of a page or site, and even compare different URLs or domains to see their SEO metrics side by side. Plus, you can export all your results as a CSV file for offline use.

Overall, SEOquake is one of the most powerful SEO toolbars, and unlike Ahrefs, it’s completely free.


In the realm of content analysis, BuzzSumo is akin to a household name. The tool is both as feature-packed as it is friendly to use, and it’s hard to find worthy competition.

When you search for a topic, you’ll see the top-performing content for that topic. The success of the content is measured in engagements (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit and total) and number of links.

This makes it possible to identify themes in successful content, and create your own successful content that does better than your competitors.

BuzzSumo, in addition to offering all of Ahrefs’s content analysis features, also sports an impressive integration with social media and reporting feature.

There’s a free trial available for new users, and paid plans start at $79 a month.

4. Mention

Perhaps one of the strongest contenders in mentions tracking is Mention. Its features match the offering of the Ahrefs alerts tool with a lot of important extras to spare.

In areas like data visualization and filtering, its offering is on par with Ahrefs. But in the area of accessibility, it blows the competition out of the water. Mention is available for use on both web and mobile platforms, unlike Ahrefs which is strictly web-based.

It also integrates with 27 online tools against Ahrefs’s count of seven. Top of these integrations are popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Slack.

Mention even lets you search for relevant influencers that can help you boost your brand reach and get more online mentions.

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