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5 Top Crypto Ad Networks for Publishers and Bloggers 2019


Why you Should use Crypto Ads?

With the increase in demand in this space & the big platforms still banning ads that promote initial coin offerings (ICOs), cryptocurrencies, & binary options. A gap has been created, which is being filled by Crypto Ad networks or the Ad networks focussing on cryptocurrencies or other related products or services.

While, most of the leading social networks & platforms are still strict on their crypto-ads ban, they have tweaked the ban to now allow ads that promote cryptocurrency & related content from pre-approved advertisers. This is where the specialized crypto ad networks have cashed in big time. They

  • are able to bypass these bans by rephrasing the ads.
  • maintain strict policies to get approval from the big social platforms.
  • provide advertisers with publishers focussed in the crypto space, often these publishers accept payment in crypto currencies also which is in turn beneficial to the crypto companies.

Best Crypto Ad Networks for Publishers 2019


Based in Estonia & established in 2014. It offers CPM campaigns & has a wide range of advertising format options. Daily payments & withdrawing commissions are easy. There’s a minimum withdrawal limit of €10, & payouts are processed within 24 hours.


  • Wide variety of supported ad formats
  • Tools for optimization of conversion rate
  • Option for writing & distributing press releases


  • Platform is snappy & easy to use
  • Customer support is prompt & helpful
  • Strong scrutiny process for onboarding advertisers


  • Multiple days wait,for websites to be reviewed & approved
  • No referral program


Coinzilla is a famous Bitcoin advertising network, started in 2016. It offers both CPM & CPC advertising in varied forms like standard banners, floating banners, & native ads. Interestingly, adverts can be funded not only with Bitcoin but also with Ether and Bank Transfers (SWIFT & SEPA).


  • Payments accepted by Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bank Transfer
  • Referral program gives back 50 euro for deposits
  • Self Served campaigns
  • Banner design services
  • Specialist support at every step
  • Press release distribution via Coinzilla Marketplace


  • Payments are always on time without any disputes
  • High quality Publishers


  • Strict requirements for websites


TokenAd is the RTB based advertising network working directly with publishers looking to monetize their websites, trading platforms, cryptocurrency exchanges, bitcoin news websites, blogs, etc. .& advertisers looking to promote their brands or ICOs etc.


  • Accepts payment in either crypto or fiat currencies
  • Supports of 25 different languages
  • Supports a variety of ad formats, that organically adapt to your website.
  • Support for mobile,in-feed video & native advertising


  • High CTR, the RTB system selects ads according to visitors’ interests
  • Maximum Revenue, better engagement & more clicks from crypto themed ads
  • Flexible Tariffs, on CPC or CPM basis
  • Easy to use & implement


  • Relatively new in the market
  • Minimum deposit required to work with the platform is $10,000


The largest crypto-network of its kind with a network of over 2700 website. The audience Bitraffic is well targeted & can be used to promote ICO Tokens, Trading, Buying, Casino Games, DApps, Mining Operations, Investing Platforms, & Crypto Faucets, as well as anything you can think of that is related.


  • Guaranteed Impression
  • Anti-bot System
  • Multiple forms of payment
  • Easy to announce
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) model of payment
  • Geotargeting


  • Easy to use website
  • UI is simple & user friendly
  • Good quality traffic


  • Customer support is not prompt
  • Discrepancy in data with google analytics
  • Approval of ads takes time.


AdEx is a blockchain based digital advertising company aiming at disrupting the existing online advertising landscape & address its significant problems: advertising fraud, privacy & consent to receiving sponsored messages, etc.


  • Built on Ethereum
  • Multi-device ad serving
  • Minimized ad fraud possibilities
  • Large network of international publishers


  • Clear & transparent reporting
  • No commissions & fees
  • 100% traffic monetization


  • Their focus on their own cryptocurrency ADX which is on the decline in value
  • Customer care not satisfactory

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