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10 Tips to Increase your AdSense Earnings in 2020



1. Leveraging the 300×600 ad unit

The 300×600 ad unit is preferred by a lot of advertisers and you can see very higher CPC, in fact, this ad size has the highest CPC. However, you might have noticed the overall revenue from this ad unit is not much. This is particularly true if you have substantial mobile visitors, since the sidebar (where this ad unit is typically placed) is moved much below (after primary content) in mobile devices, the CTR for this ad unit is almost negligible on mobile, although both CTR and CPC is high for desktop traffic. A good rule is to use the Advanced ads WordPress plugin and enable 300×600 only for desktop traffic (The plugin has a feature to show ads based on device type).

2. Are you using the 336×280 ad unit

We recommend publishers to use the 336×280 ad unit since it accommodates the bidding for 300×250 ad size and this typically increase the CPC of the ad served on your site. So, if you’re using 300×250 ad unit, change it to 336×280 to see an instant increase in your overall AdSense revenue. We have seen the increase in revenue for more than 80% of the cases, showing strong indication that the CPC of the 336×280 ad unit is more than 300×250. Under certain cases, the CTR for the 300×250 ad unit is higher when your web-layout is sleek and the ads are mostly targeted to technology products. Otherwise, for majority cases, 336×280 out performs 300×250 by over 20% in ad revenue.

3. Judicial use of link units

Links units can fetch additional revenue. We suggest you to use 3 link units and your strategy should be to place the link units within the content to enhance CTR. We have seen websites which make almost 60% and above only from link units. Niche websites in education, home finance, passport etc can make good revenue from link ads. We suggest the use of all 3 link unit ads. A 200×90 would be a good choice to get started!

4. Monitor your Ad Type Performance

AdSense allows advertisers to choose text, image, rich media and video ads. All ad types may not perform well on a publisher site. You should take a regular watch on the best performing ad type and if needed, set an experiment to monitor performance of ad type. We have seen a lot of websites, where the text ad almost generates double of what image and flash ads generate. Also, in some case, the image and flash ads generate 2-3 X times the revenue generated from text ads. It all comes down to what ad type is performing well on your site and should be strictly monitored by you time and again. To monitor your ad type, login to AdSense, go to Performance Reports> Advanced reports> Ad Type


As you can see here, my rich media/image ads are generating almost twice impression RPM as compared to text ads. Guess, its high time for me to stop showing the text ads.

5. Test Ad Placements, Ad Colors

The single most crucial factor that will determine your revenue from AdSense ads is the ad placement. Optimized ad placements can increase adsense revenue by over 50%. AdPushup is a tool that allows you to test myriad number of ad placements, ad colors and ad sizes. Along with that, the system uses algorithmic and machine learning to understand the most optimized setup that can be beneficial to the publisher both in terms of revenue and user experience. Apart from setting different ad layouts for desktop, mobile, tablet, you can also use multiple ad color templates, both global and local.

6. Page-level ads can help you make some money


Although not much, but page-level ads can make you a few dollars. I recommend you to use the interstitial ad unit since they have a good CTR and can help you monetize additionally. I will really not stress upon the use of Page-level ads, but would suggest you to try once if you haven’t.

7. Matched Content feature can help you increase page views and revenue

Matched content lets you make more money by displaying relevant ads around the content. It also increases the page views on your site, thereby increasing the revenue per session. Though matched content ad will not have very high CPC based ads, but you need to remember that this is still in beta and google is experimenting this feature to increase user engagement on your site.

8. Interlink your Top exit pages

Google analytics can help you analyse your top exit pages. These are the pages from where your visitors abandon your site. Inter-linking these pages can actually help a percentage of your visitors to redirect to other web-pages within your site. A site-wide inter-linking can be tedious but will highly benefit you as a content owner. If users spend more time around your content, chances are high that average revenue per session would increase.

9. Use a Sticky 300×250 Sidebar ad

If you’ve a substantial amount of desktop traffic, I suggest you to use a sticky 300×250 ad unit on the sidebar. Sticky ads are only allowed for approved sub-AdX accounts. You can apply for a sub-AdX account through any of Google’s AdSense Partners. Adding a 300×250 sticky unit can help you increase your overall page RPM. Although, you may not see a substantial uplift, but whatever it is, the extra money is worth.

10. Use a Custom Search box

Using a custom search box from Google not only refine the quality of search results being displayed on your site, but also let you monetize your search pages with AdSense for search. If you’ve a high paying niche and an engaging site, I suggest you implement the search box immediately for a better user experience & navigation and also to increase your adsense revenue. Most seasoned publishers have a search box installed on their site since they know, the additional revenue counts.

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