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Google AdSense CPC Rates 2020


How to Increase AdSense CPC Rates of Your Existing Traffic?

While some may argue that it is difficult to increase your AdSense revenue from the existing traffic, it is not always the case. It has been long that I have been experimenting and working on ad optimization and thus the recommendations listed here can significantly increase your overall AdSense revenue.

  • Use ad units like 336×280, 300×600, 970×300, 600×300 and others. Using these ad units essentially increases the overall competition and you can see higher CPC ads. A bigger ad size can accommodate more ad sizes and thus the ad unit which bids the highest is served by AdSense on the publisher website.
  • Tweak your existing articles to incorporate high CPC keywords naturally within the content. This really works because AdSense is a contextual ad network and a slight tweak in your article can substantially increase your overall revenue. Go to your analytics and check the top performing AdSense pages. Once you have that data, only select 20% of the top performing pages on your site an make the changes. Just working on that % of the article would help you increase the overall revenue by almost 30-40%. Here, the CPC rate of the ad units is increasing as AdSense is now able to target higher paying ad units as an exact match within the content occurs.
  • Focus on higher visibility ad locations than the number of ad units. Although more ad units increase the chances of click, it decreases the overall CPC.

AdSense Minimum Traffic Requirement

Adsense has no minimum traffic requirement but it requires the website to be fully launched with a good number of articles. It does not accept websites that are going under the process of making. It certainly has no major requirements and having a fully launched website is quite necessary anyway if one is in the business to make money via ads.

AdSense Revenue Share Percentage

AdSense offers a revenue share of 68% for its display advertisement with the publishers. If you’re monetizing via AdSense for search, you’re eligible for 50% revenue share of the same.

AdSense Ad Quality

AdSense, being run by Google has a massive advantage of a wider audience. Its ad quality is good considering the various options and advantages it provides to its users. With a variety of ad formats and models, it is clearly one of the bests and stands undefeated.

AdSense Ad Formats List

AdSense provides a number of ad formats for its publishers. Some of the best performing ad formats include- display, link, text, native (in-article/in-feed), anchor ads, vignette ads, auto ads. These ad formats are created to help publishers make additional revenue from their content. One of the addition apart from these ad units are matched content ads that can also generate higher revenue for publishers.

AdSense CPC Rates for Display Ads

The CPC rates for display ads tend to vary based on the advertiser demand for the keywords, the audience of the targeting country and the conversion rate. AdSense uses smart pricing and bid reduction techniques to ensure advertiser ROI is respected. So, if your traffic is not converting well, your overall CPC will be reduced.

AdSense CPC Rates for Text Ads

The overall CPC rates for text ads are incomparable to those of display. Sometimes the rates can even go higher, however, the CTR is comparatively lower and thus overall, the ad impression RPM is reduced. However, in specific niches, text ads perform much better and can result in high yield.

AdSense CPC Rates for Link Ads

AdSense link ads work on double click model. This is similar to search to display mechanism and you’re paid only when a user after landing to the intermediate ads page click on an ad. The overall CPC rates for link ads are comparatively higher and those which product niches can see higher overall RPM when these link ads are added. We have seen publishers to earn page RPMs of USD 20 and above only with the incorporation of link unit ads adsense cpc rates.

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