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5 best native ad networks 2019

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Now that we’ve talked about the affiliate friendly ad networks, let’s move to the more conventional ones – those that have defined the native ad space.

Taboola has been around since 2007 and has built a lot of authority. It’s the platform to use if you want your content (or offers really) to be displayed on AOL, NBC, Business Insider, MSN, USA Today etc. – a.k.a. the real authority carriers.

At least 50% of the network’s traffic comes from Tier 1 countries, which makes Taboola a definitive source of high-quality traffic.

Aside from serving regular ads and content suggestions, it also brokers some Absence traffic and serves video ads (for instance, Taboola carried out the Dollar Shave Club video campaign).


It’s a network with a tough entry barrier. For one, they don’t except websites with less than 500,000 monthly traffic, their content policies are pretty strict, and they are super focused on the publisher’s and the consumer’s experience.

Taboola, for example, allows publishers to add negative keywords to restrict ads/content with certain headlines from ever appearing on the publisher’s website.

Or there is also an option for the viewer to hide any ad they don’t like (aka Taboola Choice feature).

What about the part that all affiliates love – targeting? Well, Taboola proves to be kinda conservative here:



AdPushup is a revenue optimization platform that helps publishers increase their ad revenue using ad layout optimization, header bidding, innovative ad formats, ad mediation, adblock recovery, and accelerated mobile pages. AdPushup has partnerships with top-tier ad networks and exchanges across the world including Google AdX, AppNexus, Rubicon, and Criteo. They help publishers of all sizes access to this premium demand, including the best global buyers and high-yield ad campaigns.

AdPushup drives an average revenue uplift of 33% for their publishing partners, and their clients include known brands like Newsweek, Reddit, CNET, NDTV, Network 18, Punjab Kesari, GSM Arena, and Axel Springer, among 300+ others.

Eligibility: Monthly ad revenue from display> $1000

3.SmartyAds SSP

SmartyAds SSP is a programmatic monetization solution that boosts publisher’s yield with holistic advertising technologies that incorporate desktop and mobile header-bidding, interactive ad formats (display, video, rich media, and native in particular), mediation through SDK, real-time reporting, and flexible filtering system.

Key Features of the Platform:

  • Interactive screen-adaptive ad formats. In-app natives, in-feed social ads, recommendation widgets, mobile web native ad, custom resolution units and other ad formats are able to adjust to every desktop, in-app or mobile placement.
  • Smart optimization. Intelligent dynamic price floor optimization and filtering options ensure efficient inventory management and help to select only beneficial deals.
  • Direct and RTB deals. Participate in RTB auctions and trade directly to maximize inventory value and avoid remnants.
  • Header-bidding. Enhance competition with real-time bidding auctions that grow inventory value.
  • Lightweight SDK. Easy to install SmartyAds SDK ensures smooth rendering of creatives in applications, supports seamless user experience, and effectively prevents latency.
  • Real-time analytics. SSP platform generates robust real-time analytics. Find out how certain native ads perform to select partners or native units that bring the best ROI.

CPM Rates and Payment Methods

  • CPM rates: USD 2 and above for Tier 1 traffic
  • Minimum Traffic Requirement: Estimated 5 million page views per month
  • Payment Method: The total earning is obtained during 60 days (NET 60 basis), with $50 min. limit on publisher’s account.


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