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5 Best Ad Tracking Software of (2019)

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LinkTrackr is a cloud-hosted, fee-based tracking program with prices ranging from $9 – $60 per month. They offer a limited free, 30-day trial for their service but know some of the features will be disabled as they are considered “pay only.”

What can LinkTrackr do? It can track conversions, sales, leads, and advertisements, as well as provide individual reporting for disparate ad campaigns. It can also split test, accommodate link shortening/customisation and orchestrate campaign set-ups. If you’re looking for a drawback, it’s this: LinkTrackr cannot perform any scheduling.

Last but not least, we finally get to AdMinder, which costs $19.95 per month for use of its cloud-based service. Unlike Pretty Link Pro, AdMinder does have a free, trial version of this tracker available for download. AdMinder tracks actions including clicks, sales, downloads, subscribers, and more. It also regularly reports CPC and ROI among other things.

Unfortunately, this tracker is not capable of setting up a schedule, link shortening or split testing, but it is capable of setting up campaigns and sub-campaigns.


It is an online link tracking solution which initially worked on customization by different agencies for effectively count & track their web marketing actions. The solution records activities that occur in different channels and provides a full report about their status.

Easy Usage – ClickMeter is quite easier to use with simple set-up. Anyone can utilize the tools with ease to monitor and understand their marketing efforts.
Campaign Monitoring – Agencies, advertisers, affiliates, and publishers can monitor and compare their campaigns.
Fraud Protection – Click fraud is an advertising malpractice that drains advertisers of their revenue. To ensure the safety of the campaign, ClickMeter ensures that only legal clicks are recorded and monetized.
Real-Time Results Sharing – ClickMeter helps agencies and marketers provide their clients with the most updated information with real-time data that they can share instantly through private or public channels.
Integrated Solution – API tools are used for users to connect several platforms to their favourite systems.

This affiliate and digital marketing tracking software can track leads, add, calls, sales conversion, as well as networks. It tracks and optimizes the success of your internet affiliate marketing endeavors with efficacy, enabling you to operate a successful campaign. LinkTrust has a customizable interface that lets you track all types of offline and online advertising through pixels, server posts, cookies, CPA, CC, mobile traffic, and Pay-per-call. Other features include: • LinkTrust RTA (Remote Traffic Agent) • Lead distribution and management • Affiliate management • Campaign management • Customizable lead validation • Fraud detection, lead management • Real-time reporting • Mobile tracking

5. Click Inc
Click Inc has its intuitive interface is great for those who aren’t quite comfortable with HTML, whereas the Trulink format is a wonderful tool for boosting SEO as it will directly link to your sales page rather than using a coded link. Other key features include: Insightful reports providing traffic status commissions, graphs, and sales. Click Inc. also includes popular management tools which provide you with the power of creating coupons and following up with merchants. The starter plan is available for $25 per month, and you can also opt for the $69 or $149 monthly plan.


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