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How can I increase my mobile app’s ranking to the top of the Google Play store?


I followed this $0 budget promotion method to acquire 10,000 downloads in just first month(22 days) of the app release

It took me 3 months to develop the application with basic features. I needed not just one USP but a set of USPs and some planning to promotion.

So these things are my application’s USPs.

1. Best graphics

2. A general purpose app

3. Appeasing color pallet

4. Beautiful yet powerful

5. Has animations and smooth transitions

6. Works seamlessly without a flaw.

7. Drains less battery

I was done with the development and released the app with a normal icon searched from the net. I needed a unique app icon for the app which I got for $11 on fiver.

I created the screenshot by myself and trust me they look professionals I had been taking idea from other applications too which have top google ranking in google play store. I still need an introduction video for the application for which I don’t have the required budget.

I saw ASO for tons of application and was able to create one for my own

1. A keyword should be 5 times in the description.

2. Put the keyword in the name

3. Put the keyword in the package name.

4. Number of backlnks available on the internet.

Started posting on facebook pages and groups and I did get some likes and downloads from there

Commenting on Application reviewer’s videos and sending them my app link asking for reviews through Youtube. Then posting on their new videos, asking people to try it and asking the channel owner to review it. I posted them 100 each day or maybe more.

Posting on reddit, forums, qoura etc.Got about 200 downloads from there.
The more your post gets visited the more your backlink gets pumped. This will be your shortcut to increasing app rankings. The number of downloads from these forums were less in number.

In the first week of following this routine of promotion I got 1000 downloads and even 25 reviews. At the end of first week of promotion I was getting almost250 downloads/day. This graph was increasing exponentially.

Earlier my app was not visible on searching “music player” on the play store. But, after I had been posting on quora and other forums telling things about the application, the ranking was raised to 24 from being nowhere in the list in just 1 week. Applications with 100,000 downloads + apps were listed below my application. This was a sign of pure success with 0 spending on Promotion.

I was doing this for 30 days and finally I had the result. It was 10,000 downloads in the first month and with it came the $100. next $200 on its way for next month.

So I started experimenting a lot. Like I used to spam on quora, and realized how it can improve the ranks.

I started targeting good keywords written in my ASO

The rate of growth is very high

Since there are 1.5 million apps offered on Google Play, getting on the overall top without investing a lot of money can be a tough goal. However, a balanced mix out of App Store Optimization, App Marketing with some paid campaigns will bring you a higher ranking and increase in downloads.

In order to do some App Store Optimization, which definitely is the most cost effective way of increasing downloads and rankings, you have to understand which factors influence the store algorithm.

Generally speaking, you should optimize the following Parameters in order to get a higher ranking on Google Play Store:
– App Meta Data (App Title & Description)
– App Downloads
– Ranking & Recessions
– +1 & Backlinks

The most important factors thereby are App Title & Description, as the ranking algorithm crawls your app’s meta data on the app details page similar like web crawlers do it with your website. So including relevant keywords and optimizing description and title can bring you huge ranking efforts. You can also read this post to find out what you have to know about app title and description in google play store.

Keep Optimizing 🙂


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