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Admob Interstitial CPM Rates 2019

Admob Interstitial CPM Rates 2019


Interstitial ads are popularly known as full-screen ads, ones that cover the entire user screen. They are placed very tactically at natural transition points like changing levels in a game or while switching web pages. Usually, the interstitial ads show a countdown timer where users have a choice to click on the close button and skip the ad after the timer ends. Or the user, if interested in the product ad, can click on it and continue visiting the advertiser’s website. Being 10 times the size of the banner ads, the biggest advantage of this ad format is that it takes up the entire screen space, making the message visually compelling. Although it sounds intruding taking up the entire user space they get triggered in very logical instances. So it doesn’t disturb the overall user experience.

  1. eCPM (USA): $3.50 on Android / $7.2 on iPhone (eCPM refers to what you earn for every 1000 impressions)
  2. CTR (per 100K Impressions): 5.7% (CTR refers to the percentage of users clicking on your ad after viewing it)
  3. Impressions: Millions
  4. Fill rate: 80-90% (Fill rate being the percentage of times an app publisher displays an ad successfully out of the number of times the ad is requested)[wp-review-posts text=”recent” review_type=”ad network” post_num=”10″ title_length=”20″ show_date=”true” thumb_size=”small”]

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