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5 Important 2019 SEO Trends You Need to Know

5 SEO tips and tricks to promote website 201


mobile friendly website
First thing is that a little bit different about 2019 than previous years is having a mobile-friendly website. You need to be 100% mobile responsive design, super fast website that is an indicator for mobile and just, in general, make sure your website is 100% ready to go there. so anything that’s on your desktop site needs to be live on your mobile site, you need to have fast page speed, you need to be thinking about how users want to interact with your website on mobile because that is going to be one of the most important things for 2019.

2. Internal links
When we talk about internal links we mean links in a page that point to other pages within the website i.e. not external links.
In the example below, when you click on the link with anchor “increase the intensity” you will be redirected to a page with-in the website to find out more information on how to increase the intensity of an exercise.

3.User Sitemap

A sitemap is a list of all posts/pages of your website. You need 2 types of sitemaps. First an xml sitemap to submit to Google, Bing and other search engines and second an html sitemap to help visitors find your content easier.

It is recommended to place a link to your user sitemap from the main menu.

XML Sitemap (for search engines)

Depending on your blogging platform you can use plugins to create and update your web site’s sitemap. When viewed in the browser it looks like this:


In order for the above tips to work you need first and foremost to have good content on your web site.

Content is still king and a web site with good, original, quality content can do better in the long run (with or without SEO) than a web site optimized in SEO but with not so good content.

5.The 404 Page

SEO is about improving the user experience and a proper 404 page contributes to that goal.

The 404 page is the page shown when a user is looking for a page on your site that doesn’t exist or mistypes a URL or follows a broken link. When the 404 page is not configured, it looks like this:

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