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Truvid Review Video Monetization Platform for Publishers 2019

Truvid Review Video Monetization Platform for Publishers 2019


Publishers: Getting Started with truvid

truvid is a one stop solution for web publishers. The benefits include additional video revenue (which can be a significant part of your total advertising revenue) and you don’t need to focus on building your content and player for it.

It is truly a simply plug-and-play interface with beautiful UI which makes it easier for anyone to get started with the platform.

What makes Truvid different from others?
Truvid has embarked on a unique objective of taking video advertising and bridging the gap between Publishers, Content owners and Advertisers to a clean and powerful level. They are one of the very few online platforms of this type in the market.

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SSP for publishers

Demand the best price on every impression

truvid SSP technology allows media owners to extract professional content and monetize ad revenues through innovative ad formats and viewable widgets.
Determine pricing, and be confident that we are taking the measures to maintain the integrity of all the inventory.

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