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best ways of increasing your blog traffic 2019

best ways of increasing your blog traffic 2019


There are a number of ways to increase your traffic on a blog. I’ve used these to grow quite a few blogs (like Helping You Succeed Through Online Marketing!) from zero to hundreds of thousands of visitors a month:

Long-tail Keyword Domination

Even before Google first rolled out their Panda update in 2011, longtail keyword phrases were a major traffic driver. Since then, it’s been even easier to dominate Google, drive organic traffic to your blog and build a profitable business.

Search Engine Journal recorded a 78% increase in organic traffic after optimizing naturally for long-tail keywords.

The question is: how do you identify longtail keyword phrases with minimal or low competition? Is it even possible to find long-tail keywords that virtually no one is targeting for search traffic?

Yes it is!

But, you need to research extensively and create lengthy, useful content with long-tail keywords front and center. Do that and you will not only funnel targeted traffic to your blog article, but also build a sustainable, enduring community around your ideas – in other words, an evergreen audience.

What do long-tail keywords show you? A longtail keyword is great because:

  1. They reveal searcher intent. If someone types “buy golf bag online,” you know what they are looking for.
  2. They tell you how to structure your content, so that it can solve the searcher’s problem. If someone isn’t interested in buying, there’s nothing in it for you. If they are, you can focus on product features and benefits in your content to deliver what they want.
  3. They help you meet a specific need.

There are 3 steps to dominating Google’s top 10 with long tail keywords.

  • Step #1: Google Autosuggest
  • Step #2: Google Keyword Planner
  • Step #3: Write

Step #1: Google Autosuggest

Go to Google and start typing the primary keyword that you want to rank highly for in the SERPs. Carefully look through the auto suggested search queries for organic longtail keyword ideas to increase blog traffic.

Here’s an example for the competitive “fat burning supplements” niche:

In this example, there were over 2.4 million web pages that want to rank for and profit from that keyword. But the auto suggested search queries included “fat burning supplements for women”. When I clicked, the number of competing web pages dropped by almost half.

Since the number was still too high, I moved to the next step.

Note: for this example, it’s almost impossible to rank for the seed keywords. But, with my strategy, you can generate buyer longtail keyword ideas and rank for them quickly in a search engine.

Step #2: Google Keyword Planner

Go to Google Keyword Planner

Copy the long tail keyword you selected above into the keywords search box and click “get ideas.” You will get a list of related longtail keyword phrases that you could use.

Pick one of these phrases and return to Google to search for the new phrase. Use quotes around the phrase for an exact-match search result. Here’s what I got when I searched for “weight loss pills for women that work.”

The top three results do not target the exact long-tail keyword phrase. There are also fewer than 50,000 competing web pages. That’s my rule of thumb for considering a topic.

Use this method and, within 20 minutes, you will find several long-tail keywords that you can rank for – and you won’t need to build hundreds of backlinks to the content page. Here are some examples:

“weight loss pills for women that work”

“best fat burning supplement for men”

“supplements that help with weight loss”

“best fat burning supplements for men”

“best diet supplements for weight loss”

“best thermogenic fat burners”

“weight loss supplements that actually work”

Step #3: Write

The next step is to research and write a rich, valuable, interesting, data-driven post of at least 1,500 words that is well-optimized for the target key phrase, making sure to include plenty of data, images and links to authority sites in the niche.

Rinse and repeat this 3-step approach for SERPs domination in every longtail keyword niche.

Email Traffic Generation

In 2013, Redicati revealed that there are over 3.6 billion email accounts worldwide and that more than 247 million emails are sent every day. Email experts also claim that, on average, for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you’re going to make up to $42 back.

Sounds great, but don’t get too excited, because most email lists are dead and yield no search traffic results.

How can you make yours come alive?

Simple. Build a specialized or ‘elite’ list and nurture your subscribers, so that they always open and act on your emails.

Why do you want a list for a “privileged minority”? Because, to succeed, you don’t need everyone on your list.

In fact, do all that you can to weed out those who don’t want or need what you have to offer – you ONLY need the right people.

Lets first get into the benefits of building an elite email list:

  • You’re collecting only targeted leads.
  • When you send newsletters, the open rates will be high.
  • The click-through rate will blow your mind.
  • You’ll get huge word of mouth referrals.
  • You can build a profitable business with less than 1000+ elite subscribers.
  • Your email subscribers will be your #1 source of qualified traffic for relevant offers.

Now that you know the benefits, here are the steps that you need to take to build an elite list through your blog article portfolio:

  1. Define your main goal.
  2. Create a special landing page.
  3. Guest blog on targeted A-list blogs only.
  4. Use Facebook precise targeting.

Step #1: Define your main goal

What do you intend to achieve by having a specific group of people on your email list? That goal has to be specific, realistic and achievable, because the steps that you’ll take afterwards will be in line with your ONE goal.

Here’s an example. Maybe you have an internet marketing blog where you share useful posts on how to build a successful online business. But, that’s really too generic.

Every business owner truly wants to build a business to be proud of, but how easy is it? What does that business owner really need to know – and can you provide it?

In order to build an elite list, you must identify the area or areas where you are the expert. One of my areas of expertise as a content marketer is developing multimillion dollar companies with accompanying high-ranking and popular websites with lots of search traffic.

What about you? Do you know how to increase email open and click-through rates? What about boosting landing page conversion? It could be negotiating a business deal for the first time – any special knowledge that you have can be shared with a specific group of people who are struggling to get results in that area.

Create a special landing page

I know that you already have landing pages where you collect email leads. But, this one is different.

Take the example of real estate company fasttrack, who created a separate landing page to communicate intimately with people who wanted to sell a house as quickly as possible. That’s a separate audience from those who signed up to receive email updates on new property listings and real estate news. Get it?

Find your own area of specialty and build an email list focused on that area alone. That’s what I call an elite email list to define search traffic.

Guest Blog on Targeted A-list Blogs Only

To build your elite email list, you also have to take a different approach to guest blogging and choose the blogs that you pitch and guest blog for.

For other authority blogs in your niche, go to Google and search for:

Your primary keyword + submit guest post

Your keyword + write for us

Your keyword phrase + guest post guidelines

Use Facebook Precise Targeting

If you have a marketing budget, you can use Facebook to drive the right audience and build an elite email list. Instead of sending your Facebook ad to everyone, use precise targeting based on interests, pages, groups, age and location for the best results.

To find your core audience, click “create ads” on your Facebook page. Follow the steps (they are pretty easy) and, within 1 minute, your ad campaign will be ready to go live (once approved). Only those who match the profile you want for your elite email list will see your ad.

Important Point: It will be a while before you start seeing huge traffic spikes from your elite email list. That’s because you need to nurture your members, educate them and show how helpful your subsequent emails will be.

Just keep going. When it comes to elite email marketing, the quality of leads that you get is 98% better than the quantity. In other words, what you need most are a few people who value you, want to read your newsletters and participate in your events – they take action almost all of the time.

Kindle Select 90-Day Traffic Plan

Did you know that self-published books now represent 31% of e-book sales in the Amazon Kindle Store?

You used to need thousands of dollars and a contract with a large publishing house to get published. That’s changed. Anyone with an idea worth sharing can be a published author within a week and, more importantly, drive a lot of search traffic to their blog.

I won’t discuss Kindle publishing in detail here (read Copyblogger’s excellent guide instead), but I will show you how to drive targeted traffic and reach thousands of people for free, when you publish via Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).

Here’s how it works. When you publish your Kindle book, you can enroll your book in the “Kindle Direct Publishing Select Program.” That makes your book exclusive to the Kindle Store for 90 days and includes it in the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library, where thousands of targeted readers can borrow it for free. You can even run a free promotion for a paid ebook for 5 of those 90 days.

There are two simple ways to use your Kindle book to drive traffic to your blog or landing page:

  1. Link directly to your website inside the book.
  2. Use a free giveaway.

Lets first go over how you can get search engine traffic by linking directly to your blog article site.

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