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How to rank #1 on YouTube search in 2019

How to rank #1 on YouTube search


Keyword research:

Find the keywords your wish to rank for in Youtube and Google.
Since YouTube doesn’t have keyword planner since very long time ago, you have to use Google Adwords Keyword Planner.
Choose the keyword phrase you wish to rank for, which should consist from 2–6 keywords. These keywords should show in all optimization spots, starting from title till tags.

The first 55–56 symbols in your title will be used for google index, so it would be wise to use your keyword in the beginning of title. The rest of the symbols will be displayed just as […]

Your title should consist form click-bite, description and information.

Some case studies proves that click-bite title increases the CTR by 20%

YouTube Description:

First 156 symbols are important since they are going to show up in google indexing.
Include your keyword into the first 156 symbols of the description.
The more characters your description has the better, 800+ should be enough.
You should repeat your keyword at least twice in your description.
YouTube only shows the two first lines of description, so if you’re trying to re-direct people to your site, it would be good to include the link there as well as CTA(call-to-action) button.
Case studies shows that links that you have in your description actually helps. Use your website link, all your social media links – Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Webstore, link to your channel and link to a similar video.
Tag usage:

Use your keyword for google indexing.
Research your competitors tags, you can use extension like VidIQ, see what kind of tags have worked for your competitors and included them into your list.
Use your competitors name in your tags. By doing this YouTube will recommend your videos after users watch your competitor videos.
Exact keyword phrases we would want to be suggested.
Use one unique keyword you’re going to use for all of your videos, then YouTube won’t suggest your competitors to users.
Back-links to your channel:

Get Links to your channel.
Each like, each subscriber, each share counts as a back-link, the more you have the more authority your channels haves.
You can write translations for other channels, in return you will receive a do-follow back-link


The videos must be high quality. Top-notch, I want to see more of this – kind of quality.

One of the main YouTube ranking factors is audience retention. If your videos are bad, people won’t stay to watch them more than 10 seconds. This will hurt your ranking badly.

I hope this article  can help YOU

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