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Infolinks vs AdSense- CPM Rates, Payments, and Earnings Reports 2019


There is no minimum traffic requirement for becoming a publisher in the Infolinks network. The network accepts websites in any language. It does not grant approval to websites that have adult content and content related to hatred or violence. The signup and implementation process in this network is very easy.

Google AdSense does not have a minimum traffic requirement for publisher websites. The one mandatory requirement is that the website or blog keeps posting quality content related to the advertisements posted on its pages. The network accepts sites in all languages supported by Google. You can check this link here for the list of AdSense supported languages.

Infolinks vs AdSense: Revenue Share Percentage

Infolinks offers 70% of the generated revenue to the publishers. The network has a referral program. Through the program, if a publisher signs up using an existing publisher’s referral link, the existing publisher can earn 10% of the former’s revenue for a year.

AdSense offers 68% revenue to publishers who display content advertisements. However, publisher revenue share drops down to 51% if the ad platform is primarily used on the search platform. Google keeps the rest as an acknowledgment of the services rendered.

Infolinks minimum payout is $50, and payment methods include PayPal.

I found the Infolinks control panel to be a little outdated and in 2018, it doesn’t seem to generate good results like it used to do back in the days.

Infolinks is easy to integrate, and from the Infolinks option panel, you can configure ad color, number of ads, and various other options.

While there are hundreds of other programs which sound similar and promise to be one of the best advertising networks available, when it comes to payment, you will face numerous issues with other networks.

I can tell you that Infolinks is not a scam website, and they pay within the stated payout time. They offer various payment options such as PayPal, Western Union, and bank wire transfer.

Can You Use Infolinks and Google AdSense Together?
This is part of Blogger’s question and answers series, where I answer readers questions in the form of a blog post. This question is from Richard:

Can I use Google AdSense and Infolinks together?

If I use Infolinks along with AdSense, will it put my AdSense account in danger?

This is one of the most commonly asked question related to blog monetization. AdSense is very strict about their program policies and placement guidelines. You can check out AdSense policies here.

Good thing is, you can use almost any other ad network with AdSense till the time, other ad network doesn’t display ads in format, which mimics original Ads served by AdSense or creates confusion between AdSense and 3rd party advertisement.

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