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Best 6 Highest Paid CPM Ad Networks 2019


What is CPM?
CPM is the cost per thousand. It implies the pay-out companies give for every thousand impressions. US-based blogs usually receive about $4 per 1000 impressions!

Here are some of the best-rated revenue generating CPM networks to get you started:

Yahoo and recently acquired by a Chinese company for $900 Million.

You will have to create a quality blog with useful content in order to get approved by as they don’t approve every blog and the rules are relatively strict.

There are some big names on the list of users. If you have a good amount of traffic to your site especially from US and Canada you can expect to make handsome revenue from


One of the reasons for choosing UberCPM is for its instant approval even for small and new blogs. It is one of the most effective and simplest advertising networks. It comes with a single ad unit code which you could use on multiple websites.

UberCPM allows only three adverts on a single page, but again you can put the code anywhere you like. If you are looking for good CPM network with not many complications, this is surely for you. Payments are made via PayPal and issued on the 2nd of each month.


Propellerads maintain its position on providing best CPM ads on another year with some of good modification on their dashboard. Propellerads is the best ads for Download sites, Viral sites, Lifestyle and Tech blogs with best campaign almost all over the world. Propellerads offer many ad solutions more than Facebook ads but they are not contains banners with best CPM ads as Facebook audience network. They provide handsome CPM rate for Push, Interstitial, and Direct ads. Also they have pop ads with great CPM rate enough to earn huge revenue for Download sites. Far from these, they also provide video ads best for in-stream sites.


Inforlinks is top highest paid in-text ads than any other ads all the time. Inforlinks provides good CPM rate for 1st and 2nd tier countries just like Propellerads, Facebook Audience Network and Adsterra networks. With Inforlinks, you don’t have to learn on how to set it in site,’ only put code provided in your site and customize everything on your dashboard.

No doubt that Adsterra continue to provide best CPM rates for all publishers. Adsterra is like Propellerads when it comes for things like CPM rates as well ads solution. They provide good ads but not attractive like Facebook Audience network. Adsterra is the best option for Download sites, Lifestyle, Tech and Viral Blogs. With Adsterra, you don’t have to wait payment on monthly basis only, but you can withdraw it after 2 weeks when you reach minimum Threshold



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