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Affiliate marketing is  one of the leading ways to make passive income. It can even become a big source of revenue for your blog. The key to maximize affiliate marketing income depends on producing valuable content and engagement with readers. However, affiliates are only paid when a buyer ends up buying from your affiliate links.




Reminder on What Affiliate Marketing Is?

There is a lot of misconception about and confusion around affiliate marketing in general.

So let us start with a quick refresher on what affiliate marketing is.

In simple terms, affiliate marketing is a commission based marketing approach. The affiliates sign up with a company who wants to sell, let’s say, a hairdryer.

The affiliates, then market this hair dryer through their content, their website, their social media accounts. Anything (depending on the guidelines defined by the affiliate program manager.

Every time an affiliate sells a hair dryer through their tracking link, they are paid a commission on that sale.

In other words, affiliate marketing can also be defined as a method of rewarding people (with monetary or non-monetary commissions) for referring potential customers to different products.



How The Affiliates Make Money?

To illustrate how affiliate marketers make money, here is a linear process a potential customer goes through:

  • A potential customer visits a content platform, a blog, or a review website to learn more about a specific product that you have written about
  • After reading through your convincing and inspiring argument, the visitor clicks your affiliate link to check out the product that you are marketing to them
  • This affiliate link redirects the visitor to a merchant’s website that compels to convince the customer to close the sale
  • If the customer is sold, and purchases the product from the merchant’s website, the merchant passes on the agreed upon commissions to the affiliate marketer for their efforts

In essence, doesn’t it seem straight-forward to implement? But the reality is, it is much harder to execute and earn money from it.

Just writing a blog post and driving thousands of random visitors on your affiliate marketing page will not help you generate sales.

You have to consider a visitor’s buying intent, the stage he/she is in the purchase funnel, and if the product is relevant to them.

As I mentioned earlier, you need to treat it like a business.

It’s a game of patience, hard work and persistence.

Choose the right affiliate

Webmasters have contrasting opinions about sticking to one particular affiliates. There are several affiliate services available like ShareASale, Commission Junction, Amazon Associates etc. Amazon is so vast that it has almost everything that can be bought.

The point is all these affiliates will work almost the same. Some have a better percentage commission as compared to others. You have to market research before getting into any affiliate program and decide which one is best for you.

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