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Best AdMob Alternatives For Android Apps With High Ecpm 2019




If your google AdMob or AdSense account has been suspended and you are searching AdMob Alternatives then read this post fully. Here’s information about Admob Alternatives which will prove to be very helpful for you. Top 5 AdMob alternatives are currently available at the time of which you can use the ads on your android application to monetize the application.

On this article, I am going to give you information about StartApp which is the best Admob alternative. I think Admob is the best alternative in it because of its use of StartApp for nearly 2 years. There is no problem in it, but in that case, you will not share those apps with some privacy.


StartApp was established in 2010 in New York where its headquarters are currently located. Affiliate offices of the company can be found in Shanghai, Beijing, San Francisco, Stockholm, Moscow, Tel Aviv, and Sao Paolo. The company offers its support and proprietary mobile technical solutions to publishers and advertisers who look for new users and customers for their inventory. StartApp has devised and launched the social data platform called SODA to help its partners gain deeper insights into their users demographics and online behavior to create more efficient and revenue-generating advertising campaigns. It reports creation of users’ portfolio of more than 477 million monthly users and 220,000 apps being promoted across the world.

Information for Advertisers
The company focuses on providing advertisers with access to the most relevant segments of global audience so that the targeted advertisements reached the right users. The SODA platform retrieves data across the most popular social networks and platforms and transforms them into strategic directions for promo campaigns deployment. The campaigns also aim at creating high retention rates. The company works with any level budgets and campaigns and allows creating campaigns personally as well as ordering managed campaigns from the StartApp team.


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