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6 Best Native Ads Platforms for Publishers to Try in 2019 – adverts

Native Ads Platforms for Publishers to Try in 2019



This is a very interesting native ad network. They analyze user behaviour and their ads are triggered on exit intent. Spoutable serves ads through its own and partner networks which include RevContent. It is a CPM-based digital ad network. The average eCPM that is earned by the publishers is in the range of 29 cents to 40 cents. If there is traffic coming from the tier 1 countries like the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia, then the rates obtained can be as high as USD 3. It works quite well for Asian traffic as well. Spoutable has a fill rate of almost 100% for most of the countries. They have an excellent support centre. They provide the publishers with easy installation, clean and responsive ads.

  • Spoutable CPM Rates- 30 cents to 3 dollars
  • Spoutable Minimum Traffic Requirement- No traffic requirement.
  • Spoutable Payment Methods- They pay on a NET 20-day basis, and the minimum payout threshold is $100. The payment options are Paypal, and Wire Transfer. is type of a contextual ad service program which is powered by the Yahoo! Bing Network. The company has reported a revenue of somewhere around 232 million USD in the 2015 and has certainly managed more than 450 million USD of the managed ad spend. In accordance to the quality of the ads a person has quite a nice chance to earn a good sum of money.

The yahoo Bing serves the media.Net basically comprises of a lot of national as well as the local advertisers, that ensures a 100% fill rate across all the ad formats. Also, in addition to the display units, is also known to support desktop interstitial, mobile docked ads and in-content native. A few of the Media. Net’s publishers are the Forbes, Reuters, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, and a lot more. The standard IAB sizes are generally supported by the network.

  • There isn’t any publisher traffic requirement.
  • The method of the payment is through the PayPal or wire transfer.
  • The minimum payout is 100$.


Chitika is a yet another advertising network that comes after the AdSense with approximately more than 300,000 publishers. It can be used with other ad networks such as AdSense ad in same page without violating any rule. It also provides a high CPC rate but sometimes clicks from Asian courtiers provides almost zero money. If you combine chitupa ad with AdSense ads it works the best.

  • Publisher Traffic Requirement – None
  • Payment Method – Check, PayPal
  • Minimum payout – 10$


Adsterra is yet another premium advertising network that serves more than 10 billion geo-targeted ad impression per month. They provide support to the publishers from each of the verticals and guarantee them 100% monetization of their ad inventory.

Adsterra also offers a vast variety of effective ad formats in every popular size for both mobile and the web which includes- interstitial, display banners, push up, pounders, sliders, and direct links. Publishers get on-time payments made bi-weekly through the major payment systems, and also a personal account manager and real-time statistics. They also provide a 5% referral program.


Gemini is the native advertising product of the Yahoo! Bing network. We generally find the cost-per-clicks to be significantly lower on Gemini versus the other platforms. This makes sense as there is less competition on this newer platform. Gemini does offer mobile and tablet inventory for your search text ads with native ads being offered on all devices. A native ad may appear within a stream of content including the search engine results page on Basically, it is a way to blur the lines between online content and advertising that is less abrasive and to the consumer, feels like a more natural way to digest the information. Gemini typically monetizes US traffic.


Disqus is a comment plugin available for websites and blogs. It places native ads tagged with the comments and revenue is generated when visitors click on those ads. It is the most popular comment plugin network and can see huge bursts of traffic. But as a native ad network, it lags behind many of the others in the industry. The CPM rates offered by Disqus are lower than that of Taboola and other networks and the viewership percentage is also not great due to its poor quality ads. The Disqus ads report an RPM of $0.30. Disqus is good at monetizing global traffic.


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