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10 Best Mobile Ad Networks in Afghanistan

Best Mobile Ad Networks in Afghanistan


Google AdMob

Google AdMob was acquired by Google a couple of years ago and ever since is the predominant leader of the online advertising. We might claim that this is the best advertising platform for beginners. Its main advantage is a simple app integration, and, in addition, you can easily deal with the selection of tools and features by yourself!

Despite the ease in use and app integration, Google AdMob is often criticized because of the low-revenue benefits for users. Among its key characteristics, we would like to highlight the several ad formats, such as native, video and interstitial. Moreover, you can target your audience per country or region, carrier, OS version or device among others.

Google AdMob is, probably, one of the most used Mobile Ad Networks to make money with apps/games.



Are you interested in analyzing your users and acquiring high-quality ones? Then this is the ad network for you! With Applovin you can filter your users by country, analyze all ad campaigns and lead campaigns to users that are most likely to make actions inside your app. On top of that, you can mix advertising formats and chose the best combinations for you!


Tapjoy has come up with a very engaging and innovative way of helping you with monetization. How does it work? Users are given virtual money in exchange for watching video ads, subscribing to some services or downloading promoted apps. They can use this virtual currency to unlock in-app content from publishers. This is a perfect way to catch users that are afraid of giving away their credit cards and personal details! Tapjoy works with Android, iOS and Mobile Web. The audience can be targeted in a personalized way, and the ad formats are interstitial, content lock, offerwall, and rewards.


f you are looking for a self-service platform that at the same time gives you the chance of building your ad campaigns,control your audience, design your creatives and take over the budget here you have one! With Startapp you can go creative and design animated and interactive ads. As they know that your audience is important for you they let you target by app, carrier, competitors, connection type, device, gender, geo, and OS.


Airpush supports only Android apps and gives developers and publishers the chance to set sign-ups, push notifications and icon badges. More than 40,000 developers go for this software in order to get more money from advertising, because Airpush allows to monetize all users, and not only the active ones. The targeting is customized and 12 ad display formats are available in one interface. In addition, their Airpush Detector helps you in finding out about other installed apps that use notification ads.


Avazu aims at connecting ad buyers with publishers all around the world. Their focus is to help their customers get the maximum revenue possible out of their campaigns since they would only pay per conversion. That is why the campaigns are linked to actions, such as an app download or purchase, among others. Ads are displayed in banner, interstitial or text format and the audience can be targeted by device, carrier or OS.

Snapchat Ads…

If you are thinking that you don’t need that many social media advertising channels and you are underestimating Snapchat Ads, you are totally wrong. Snapchat is the only social platform that allows you to reach out to a younger audience (Gen Z). They also have very handy features that would guide you to select your target population and design your ads.

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