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Traffic Arbitrage Techniques, Strategy, Tips and Tricks 2019

Traffic Arbitrage Techniques Tricks 2019


What is web traffic arbitration ??

Traffic arbitrage is a business model in which you buy traffic at a lower cost and redistribute it to monetize it.

The net difference in revenue is the overall profit generated from the arbitrage strategy. and other search engines have been using this model to monetize its paid search results for over a decade. There are many success stories on traffic arbitrage where publishers have made more than $100k in profits. In this article today, we are going to discuss in detail as to how you can implement a successful traffic arbitrage strategy and how you can get started.

Where to buy traffic


While getting started with CPM arbitrage, Adsense arbitrage, or Traffic arbitrage, it is important to know that buying traffic from unreliable sources can actually get you in trouble since a lot of ad networks sell fake clicks or traffic. My recommendation would be to build your plan and content which is viral in nature and promote only on these ad networks mentioned here or any other reliable network. You may also try pop traffic so that you can run a successful pop traffic arbitrage which is more lucrative.

  • Taboola– Taboola is a native ad network and is a good source of cheap traffic for certain geographies especially if you’re targeting Asian countries for your arbitrage. You can place a minimum bid of 1 cent for Indian traffic. However, if you’re looking to buy US traffic, you need to pay more than 10 cents.
  • FacebookDriving social traffic from Facebook by promoting posts can be quite useful in the long run. It can not only help you drive a good amount of traffic but also help you generate social signals and build a robust brand around your content. Facebook should be one of your primary traffic acquisition sources for your arbitrage site. 

The quality of traffic is good when purchase through Taboola or Facebook. These days, there are a number of push notification ad networks which you can additionally try.

The Importance of Quality Content and the Right Niche

A lot of publishers who ran web traffic arbitrage or CPM arbitrage in 2018 didn’t focus on building high-quality content. To me, this is one of the most important traffic arbitrage trick- to ensure the content meets quality and converts for the advertiser. The success of internet traffic arbitrage depends on creating unique and well research content which people are willing to read and share at the same time. Good quality content with good images can help you make higher profits in a traffic arbitrage business model.

Also, Google frowns websites with shallow content. We have seen a lot of publishers getting banned because their content was shallow with little text and the entire model was based on arbitrage. So, you should focus on engaging content and work on a niche which has a very high competition for advertisers on Adwords…..

The right hack to run a successful online traffic arbitrage business model in 2019 without getting banned is to provide unique and quality content to your users. From an advertiser point of view, your traffic should be converting and then only advertisers will be placing higher bids on your traffic and you’ll be seeing improvements in overall CPC or CPM. Also, you may not build your site entirely for arbitrage and can also focus on evergreen search rankings. Some of the niches that works extremely well with pop traffic arbitrage  CPM arbitrage  native arbitrage are.

  • Finance niche-insurance, car loans
  • Health-super foods, diet plans, getting lean
  • Money-make money tips, online money making




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