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Increase your AdSense Earnings by Optimization 2019

Increase your AdSense Earnings CPC

 Optimization is one of the most crucial steps when it comes to increasing your AdSense revenue.

Two ways to increase your site’s AdSense revenue

  • Increase your ads CTR
  • Increase the CPC of the ads that are being served through Google.

Getting thousands impression on your ad won’t be of much help but a blog with good CPC with decent CTR can create a huge difference.

However, there are ways to substantially increase a blog’s CTR and in this post, we are going to focus mainly on the  methods and best practices that can yield you a higher CTR, thereby, increasing your revenue .

  • Use Ads in Between Posts

    Within-content (in-content) ads generally perform well with medium sized post lengths. If you’re not using in-content ads, then you are losing substantial revenue from your mobile traffic since this works best for mobile traffic. There are a few plug-ins available on WordPress that gets the job easily done

  • Use Matched Content Feature of Google

    Matched content feature lets your visitor discover content across your site. This is Google’s in-house recommendation engine and should help you scale up your existing page views.


  • Promote high-revenue content
    You might notice that some content brings more revenue on AdSense and higher CTRs and CPCs than other content. Investing some of that revenue in bringing more traffic to those pages or promoting them on your homepage will raise them for your entire inventory. In addition, it’s always a smart idea to keep digging where you find gold. If you find that articles on a specific topic or types of content bring in higher CPCs? Make more of those.

  • Target high paying keywords
    Much of Google’s advertising still relies on keywords for ad serving. This is great for you as a publisher because this allows you to target higher paying keywords regardless of your audience and niche. Another thing you might want to do is include high paying keywords in content you create. Some keywords can bring hundreds of dollars per click, and you don’t have to bend over backwards to include them in your content.
  • Smart Pricing
    Paying for clicks is so very last decade. Today, smart advertisers want high ROI – actual clients of value. To make this happen, Google estimates the likelihood of conversion for the advertiser when it picks an ad to serve and a place to serve it. The CPC value is based on that likelihood. Many publishers fear that being “Smart Priced” by Google will hurt their earnings. But you can make it work to your advantage. How? By bringing quality traffic to your quality content and displaying relevant ads. The more clicks turn into clients – the more AdSense will pay you for each click
  • Target long tail keywords
    Lawyer jokes will only get you so far. If you want to be especially effective at targeting high paying keywords, you need to research. You can use tools like SEMrush or LongTailPro to do it. Find the highest paying phrases that are relevant to your audience, and include them in your content. But be careful there – don’t sacrifice content quality in favor of higher CPCs

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